A series of shaped, artist-made frames designed to augment the content of text clippings, collage, and assemblage elements.

Garden Study (“A”merican Sublime: Pioneers of New Eden)
two diptych puzzle-piece collages using 19th century paper and The Scarlet Letter remnants (Nathanial Hawthorne 2nd Edition, Riverside Press Cambridge MA 1878, Illustrated), with 20th Century matte and glossy paper, Filmoplast P90, pencil and lead letter type transfer, Arthur Dimmesdale’s collage (left side of frame) is translated from Ralph Albert Blakelock’s painting entitled, “The Spirit of Night,” 1889, Hester Prynne’s collage (right side of frame) is translated from Fredrick Edwin Church’s painting entitled, “Twilight Short Arbiter, Twixt Day and Night, 1850, mustard seeds, glass, etched glass, copper tape with patina, 19th century stereoview postcard (“View of Salem and Vicinity ”) archival matt, in handmade (“bent”) frame that turns 90º in order to reside in both sides of a room corner.
Each half of the bent frame measures 20.625 x 23.25 x 1.625 inches